Atasi Maximum Number of Processes di Oracle 9i

May 12, 2008

Pesan Error :

ORA-00020: maximum number of processes (%s) exceeded

Setelah googling, ehh ketemu perintah command line yang passss….., seperti ini:

lsnrctl stop;
sqlplus “/as sysdba”
shutdown immediate;
alter system set processes=150 scope=spfile;
shutdown immediate;
lsnrctl start;

Semoga berguna… Heee


Learning BlueVoda…

December 26, 2007


BlueVoda full name BlueVoda Website Builder is a HTML editor and website builder and works and acts as a website builder designed to hide the code of web building. It is offered as a free download but requires a VodaHost account to publish the website to. BlueVoda looks very similar to Microsoft Office’s interface, like most WYSIWYG editors HTML code is hidden allowing the user to create websites without knowing code and having components such as tables, text formatting and the rest. BlueVoda includes features not found in other WYSIWYG editors for example its dragging and dropping ability, this feature allows users to drag and drops items without using table layouts. However, it is a typical editor with an interface similar to Microsoft Word that is designed for the novice building their first website offering a range of tools to create a simple multipage website.